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Reetec – Partner in Energy
On-demand night-time marking (BNK) for wind turbines: Federal Council passes administrative regulation
This gives operators of wind turbines planning security for the necessary conversion by June 2021. More than 40 BNK-retrofits by REETEC have already been put into operation.
REETEC receives 4-year service contract from Frischer Nordwind for preventive rotor blade inspection
For two wind farms REETEC takes over the monitoring of rotor blades and tower, coupled with proposals for repair and maintenance measures.
REETEC supports campaign #windforfuture as partner
#windforfuture is an initiative of the German wind energy industry to close the gap between climate goals and actual administrative practice in the expansion of wind energy.
REETEC offers preventive maintenance solutions for rotor blades as part of its O&M service portfolio
REETEC joined forces with CORNIS, a leading technology provider for blade O&M management, to offer customers preventive maintenance solutions for rotor blades.

Committed to our tradition

With more than two decades of experience and a healthy portion of passion under its belt, REETEC has become one of the largest, most powerful European wind energy service providers for the onshore and offshore sectors.

A high degree of readiness to innovate, manufacturer-independent technical skills and proven expertise have always distinguished REETEC – not least due to profound know-how in the field of prototype construction. As an independent service partner for manufacturers, owners and operators, we also contribute our part towards ensuring that onshore and offshore wind turbines throughout Europe produce a reliable total output of over 160 GW.

In 2017, REETEC repositioned itself through the acquisition of OWS Off-Shore Wind Solutions and expanded its strong position in the wind energy market further. Since 2007, REETEC is part of the EDF Renewables Group.

Our services

In addition, we provide know-how, technology and engineering for various onshore and offshore special topics and customised solutions.


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