Aviation obstruction markers

Our favourite past-time

HinderniskennzeichenDifficult children are often their parents’ favourites. When we set up the ‘Aviation obstruction markers’ department in 1998 we had no idea what ups and downs we would go through. Without great in-depth knowledge you have no chance in the long run.

The national directives alone can drive you to despair. In addition, guidelines set by the individual authorisation authorities ( - dear staff of such authorities - ) do, of course, always make sense. But before you give up: A quick call to us suffices. And should you really wish to save yourself all the bother, you could ring us even earlier.

No matter whether you require day or night-time markers, obstacle light systems or marine lantern systems, or with visibility dependent intensity regulation or synchronisation.

We observe all national directives for aviation safety.

  • Our aviation obstruction markers are LED-driven and are therefore low maintenance and long-lasting.
  • You will find our aviation obstruction markers used by all manufacturers and on many turbine types.


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Low Intensity Obstruction Light
Low Intensity Obstruction Light
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