Offshore solutions

REETEC and the sea

Offshore LösungenNew challenges are usually the most appealing ones - and so was the REETEC team attracted to leave for the sea. But one thing we did not expect from offshore wind: to have to completely relearn that experiences onshore cannot easily be copied to offshore conditions. Fortunately, even we as "country bumpkins" (translation for the typical North German "Landei" - quite seaworthy) still can learn a whole lot.

Meanwhile - REETEC started in 2003 in the offshore business - we can claim with some pride to be one of the most experienced offshore specialists. And the benefit for you: utilising all of our experiences at a reasonable price.

We do not mind where your project is located and what requirements we have to meet. Because we know (almost) all offshore wind turbines and we have worked in (almost) all European countries. And throughout all these different projects, we have figured one thing out: a united Europe still does not mean that working "offshore" induces in each country the same requirements. Nevertheless, we were still able to steadily expand our know-how and we go work "offshore" with a lot of passion – typically REETEC.


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