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Repowering: EDF Renewables commissions a fully renewed wind farm in Germany

11.12.2018 //

Paris, December 11th, 2018 – EDF Renewables in Germany is announcing the repowering of the Eckolstädt wind farm, the first in a series to come.
“Repowering” or renewing means the refurbishment of a facility that has reached the end of its life cycle. The Eckolstädt wind farm initially had an installed capacity of 14.5 MW, which has now been increased to 34.5 MW.
This repowering project contributes to the EDF Group's CAP 2030 strategy, which is aimed at doubling its worldwide renewable capacity to 50 GW between 2015 and 2030.

The Eckolstädt wind farm is located in Thuringia, Germany. Developed and commissioned by EDF Renewables in 1999, it initially consisted of 11 first-generation wind turbines.
After obtaining planning permission and benefiting from a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement contract in late 2016, Eckolstädt's wind turbines were fully dismantled by REETEC, an EDF Renewables’ subsidiary, in early 2018. The wind turbines' components were mostly recycled and the foundations were crushed to be used as backfill for the platforms of new projects and surrounding roads.

The wind farm was then rebuilt on the same site and now consists of 10 new-generation wind turbines. The output generated by the wind farm is enough to meet the electricity needs of almost 18,500 German households.

The six-month repowering project was managed by EDF Renewables in Germany.
Installed capacity has been increased by 20 MW to 34.5 MW with a smaller number of turbines.

EDF Renewables is currently assessing other repowering projects in Germany where there is a potential of 4.5 GW or 6,000 wind turbines* to be refurbished by the end of 2020, and around 1,600 wind turbines per year between 2021 and 2026.
In France, EDF Renewables is also actively evaluating four repowering projects.

With the growing number of wind farms due to reach the end of their life-cycle between 2020 and 2030 – representing an installed capacity of around 76 GW across Europe** – repowering is a growth industry in which EDF Renewables has been developing its expertise over the last few years.

* According to the Deutsche WindGuard study: „Weiterbetrieb von Windenergieanlagen nach 2020“.
** According to the WindEurope association, almost half of the European Union’s installed wind power capacity – 141.6 GW in 2015 – is due to reach the end of its life between 2020 and 2030.

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REETEC at WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

20.08.2018 //

From 25th to 28th September 2018 REETEC exhibits at the WindEnergy trade fair in Hamburg. Of course we will present our entire service portfolio, but this year with a special focus on:

  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Onshore and Offshore
  • Rotor Blade Services
  • Aviation Aid Systems

Visit us in hall B6 at booth 375, where we will present ourselves with a new corporate identity as REETEC EDF Renewables as part of the EDF EN Group. So you see us in a new look and feel in terms of logo and colouring. This year, we share our booth with OWS Off-Shore Wind Solutions – which has been part of us since 2017 – as well as our co-exhibitors EDF EN Germany and Theolia Naturenergien.

Save the date: On 27th September 2018 at 17:15 pm Guillaume Bouchet, Commercial Project Manager Offshore at REETEC, will explain the "Benefits of booking an offshore campaign vs. hiring 'hands'" at the Speakers' Corner of the trade fair.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth.

See you in Hamburg!

REETEC. Inspired by wind – Powered by people.

REETEC launches new aviation obstruction markers for onshore and offshore wind turbines according to latest certification standards

18.06.2018 //

  • Universally deployable aviation obstruction marker system from REETEC in-house production.
  • Preparation for all approved “night identification on-demand systems” (BNK).
  • Lighter, more compact and lower-maintenance than previous generation.

After completion of the development work, prototypes of the new luminaire series were initially built in the company's own production facility in April 2017; after successful certification of the optical characteristics, REETEC is now starting its series production. Consistent simplification of components and design resulted in a significant cost reduction. At the same time, the robustness and longevity of the luminaires were key development objectives.

The most important improvements at a glance:

  • The number of LED levels was minimized - this design optimisation allowed for a much more compact model shape.
  • Newly designed, robust Plug'n'Play GPS solution with integrated twilight switch.
  • Highly flexible system that can be easily adapted to local requirements via network / web interface.
  • Individually configurable, therefore suitable for retrofit.

“The above are all decisive advantages of the new aviation obstruction markers compared to the previous generation. Our goal was to maintain the tried and tested robustness while at the same time implementing technical innovations and a cost-efficient production,” explains Carsten Bredemeier, Head of Development at REETEC.

Comprehensive environmental testing under real life conditions

The prototypes underwent a comprehensive test program: examinations in climatic and pressure chambers, salt water spray tests as well as acceleration and shock tests that go beyond typical environmental conditions and manufacturer requirements. The optical properties have been tested by an accredited laboratory and were successfully certified by the relevant authorities according to current AVV and ICAO guidelines, which is a prerequisite for marketing approval.

"Within only one year we have developed, extensively tested and successfully certified a completely new product. Our new aviation obstruction markers pay tribute to the rapid development in the field of LED technology and raise our product portfolio to a new technical level. The market interest is extraordinarily high, as the system is also very well suited for retrofit measures due to its modularity," says Claus Sejersen, Sales Director at REETEC. The results which REETEC repeatedly achieves on the basis of its broad experience and comprehensive know how are an integral part of the success story of the Bremen-based wind energy company from day one: REETEC has been producing aviation obstruction markers for onshore and offshore wind turbines since 1998.

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