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Deadline extension for conversion of on-demand night-time marking for wind turbines: REETEC already offers future-proof retrofit packages and complete solutions for Aviation Aid Systems today

14.11.2019 //

  • The deadline for operators of German onshore and offshore wind turbines to equip them with on-demand night-time marking (German: BNK) has been extended to June 30, 2021.

Under the new Energy Collection Act, operators of wind turbines on land and at sea who are obliged to mark obstacles in accordance with the licensing notice were called upon to equip their turbines with a BNK-system as of July 1, 2020. With the current decision of the Federal Network Agency, this deadline has now been extended to June 30, 2021.

As part of its comprehensive aviation aid portfolio, REETEC offers customised solutions for retrofitting wind turbines both for on-demand night-time marking as well as the newly added requirement for equipping them with infrared light. It remains to be seen which radar and transponder systems will establish themselves on the market in the future. Therefore, REETEC has prepared interfaces to currently approved radar systems as well as various transponder systems that are still under development alike. The following detection systems for air vehicles are supported:

  • Active radar systems
  • Passive radar systems
  • Transponder systems

After installation, the connected detection system is selected via the graphical user interface of the control panel. Therefore, the REETEC aviation aid system can already be installed today without hesitation, even if the final detection system is not yet defined: interfaces to new BNK-detection systems or updates can be easily established by means of a software upgrade later on.

As an amendment, the last draft of the AVV-marking (General Administrative Regulation) now also stipulates the use of infrared lights as a supplementary measure:

  • Infrared – Due to its compact design, the currently developed REETEC infrared light can also be retrofitted to older REETEC aviation aid systems with minimal effort.

Since the law affects new and existing plants equally, REETEC's offer includes both retrofit solutions and complete replacement systems. All RE-LED2 aviation aid systems are already prepared for BNK-retrofitting, but older REETEC systems also become BNK-compatible through easy-to-install upgrades to the latest control technology with web-based monitoring and user interface. In addition, REETEC offers turn-key solutions for systems that cannot be retrofitted.

"The one-year deadline extension gives operators some more time to convert their wind turbines to BNK-operation. However, since around 17,500 existing turbines are affected in Germany, an immediate start is urgently recommended today – and REETEC offers the customised solutions to equip turbines on time," says Claus Sejersen, Director Sales and Marketing at REETEC.

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REETEC at HUSUM Wind 2019

06.08.2019 //

It's time again: from September 10 - 13, 2019 REETEC presents itself at the HUSUM Wind. Of course we will present our entire onshore and offshore service portfolio, but with a special focus on:

• Operation & Maintenance Services (O&M)
• Major Component Replacement & Repair
• Rotor Blade & Tower Services

Due to current events, however, there is a clear main topic this year: on-demand-night-time marking (German: BNK) for wind turbines according to the new energy collection law as of July 2020. Here REETEC offers comprehensive on-demand-night-time marking solutions for aviation aid systems. It is still uncertain which radar and transponder systems will be preferred or approved by the authorities in the future. As part of the new and further development of our aviation aid portfolio, we have therefore implemented interfaces both to currently approved radar systems as well as transponder systems still under development.

It is estimated that more than 15,000 wind turbines in Germany will have to be converted or retrofitted for BNK-operation by mid-2020. Our experts will present our BNK-solutions at the REETEC stand interactively and "hands-on".

Do you have any questions on this admittedly complex topic? Then we will be happy to advise you. Because delivery bottlenecks are foreseeable due to the short conversion time, take advantage of HUSUM Wind and our expertise to ensure that your wind turbines meet the new requirements by the deadline. So visit us at our stand 1B09 in hall 1 – we look forward to seeing you!

REETEC offers preventive maintenance solutions for rotor blades as part of its O&M service portfolio

01.08.2019 //

  • Rotor blade inspection and monitoring measures in cooperation with CORNIS
  • Effective and long-term asset optimisation to secure return-on-investment regarding onshore and offshore wind farms

REETEC joined forces with CORNIS, a leading technology provider for blade O&M management, to offer customers preventive maintenance solutions for rotor blades. Throughout their entire lifespan, they are exposed to rain, frost and lightning or even sea air, so they need special care. This is why preventive O&M services are key to increase durability and secure performance of wind turbines.

REETEC's know-how means that a complete wind farm can be inspected within a very short time frame and customers are provided with comprehensive reports – including blade condition analysis coupled with repair suggestions – on a periodical basis. A tailored monitoring package offers internal, external, standard checklist and post-processing methods for preventive maintenance of rotor blades. Its O&M service portfolio comprises these added values:

  • Reduced production loss due to limited down time of wind turbines
  • In-depth analysis of blade conditions thanks to HD pictures
  • State-of-the art technologies such as CORNIS, RE-VIS (REETEC Vertical Inspection System) and as of 2020 also drones
  • Flexible access by rope on-site, rotor blade service platform or cherry-picker
  • Fully equipped repair workshop in Emden

"By monitoring blade conditions over a number of years, we offer effective damage control. For you as a wind farm operator, this means to pre-empt issues and consequently down time equalling profit loss. Our team comes with over 20 years of industry experience, so our technicians can offer qualified advice on the best repair and maintenance procedures. Plus, our service centre in Emden has the appropriate logistics and 30,000 sq m of hall space in which rotor blades up to a length of 70 m can be overhauled," says Kai Wiechmann, Head of Rotor Blade Services at REETEC.

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